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Dream - College panic
Had to write down this really intense dream before I forgot it. I have never had one like this in memory with all of the detail. Forgetting stuff already.

The theme I've had before: I'm in first day of college without any past memory of enrolling or what my schedule is. At beginning periphery of dream, I'm walking into a building ...just remember the trees to the point where they're black and white. Flash forward to end of welcome speech. Now in color. All students are gathered in the auditorium and the introductory speech by the person in charge of schedules. He immediately disappears once he finishes his speech. 

So now everyone's going to class, and I have no idea where to go. I'm running around desperately trying to find the one of two people who can help me. No idea what they look like, but for some reason I'll know what they look like. Place starts to look like Marlboro High School. I hit the library where two dowdy women are milling about. I ask one of them if they can help. She takes out a rolodex which morphs into an old ledger book. She looks up my name and tells me that my tuition is late. It was paid by me for some time, now covered by the Dark Queen. I tell her I'll take care of paying it, but can she help me find my classes? She pokes around and finds some slips of paper.

Run around to what seems to be first class, English. Run into the classroom in progress, and ask them if this is the correct class. It's not. And I panic. I notice that one of my old school students, H.R. is sitting there looking embarrassed for me. I rant and explain that college is massively expensive. One student says, "No it's not." I respond, "Are you kidding? It's five figures." Gasps from the class. "Wow, I only pay four figures." shouts one guy. I respond, "Yeah, but I'm out of state. I have to go." And I return to my search. By now, first period is almost over and I need the bathroom.

Flash forward to my dorm room which is a mess. My mom and dad are there...seem happy. I tell them I need to use the bathroom, and they say "just go ahead". So I sit down at the toilet and well, go. We talk for a little while (can't remember what, but it's largely positive), and I tell them I have to get to my next class. I encourage them to eat something. As I leave, the two talk. Dad starts to fry an egg.

Now I'm looking for my second class: German. I distinctly see on that slip of paper that the room is 315, and the time it starts is 8:15 with the 8 completely worn out on the page. I can only tell it's an 8 from the indentation. I go up the stairs and go down this narrow corridor. The rooms are logically ordered and I find room 315a. I open the door and ask if this is the right class. Teacher looks annoyed and says, "No, this is Latin." I apologize and leave. I round the corner and find room 315b. Open that door. The teacher also says he's teaching Latin. I close that door.

My alarm rings.
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