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Pancreatitis, colitis, and phasing out Nutrisystem
Well, I found a new way to lose 10 pounds.

To be clear, I don't blame Nutrisystem for any of this. The reason I went up to 278 lbs is because I did the plan half-assed and had as many bad days as good. There were fast food benders amongst the faithful days and the only person to blame is myself. I am now down to 268, though I don't recommend the method.

This paragraph is gross. You should skip it. What proved to be my first ulcerative colitis lasted for about 5 weeks without me doing anything. Just running to the bathroom for a whole month with more blood than bowel movement (very little of either...I still wonder where it all went). No doctors (can't miss contractor hours, you know), just blathering ignorance and frequent bathroom visits).

Then the pancreatitis hit me last week. Increasing pain that lasted for 5 days. I ultimately couldn't take it anymore and admitted myself to the hospital on Monday. For four days, I lay in bed eating and drinking nothing. All I had was a saline/potassium IV drip and utter boredom. When the pain finally went away, my excellent gastro doctor recommended a colonoscopy while I was there. Eventually it was determined that I pancreatitis and ulcerative colitis. And I'd take new meds for probably the rest of my life.

The pancreatitis doesn't make any sense. You only get it from excessive drinking (I almost never drink) or gall stones (mine was removed 7 years ago). It was a mystery to the doctors, yet its presence was undeniable. If I let it run, it would have done serious, possibly permanent organ damage. I was lucky. The colitis is easier to explain: I eat like an idiot and my habits needed to change once again.

One upshot to this is I did lose 10 pounds on the IV. I'm finally in the 260's and I intend to remain there for now.

So: no red meat, no cheese, higher fiber and lower fat. This means that the pre-packaged Nutrisystem plan I've been on is incompatible with my new requirements.

Previously I was paying $180 a month for the 5/day a week plan. And with the increase of money from the new contract, I was hopeful that I could just go ala carte and pay a little more. The reality is that ala carte is twice as expensive. And I could probably afford that. But I realized that the less expensive items I was aiming for (oatmeal, nutrition bars...) were stuff I could just eat at home for far less money. And the mainstay of the lunch menu, soup, is something I can get at the company's cafeteria less expensively.

Thus I decided it was time to phase out Nutrisystem with the month of food I have left, eat what remains, and then go to a self-directed diet that reflects the requirements described above. It means I have to exercise the portion control I was never able to do before. Then again, I would have to face this point anyway. I figure if I ever cross 280 again, I will go back to Nutrisystem and hope for the best. I hope I can do this on my own.

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Oh..honey I'm so sorry to hear this. **hug** But so glad you're on your way to ok.

I'm going to attempt to start a modified Atkin's diet. Well. I'm starting today. Though actually when I look at what I eat, I generally already eat pretty much this way...what's tripped me up is eating out too much at lunch and not cooking at home, where I can control the carbs and sugars. And going to the gym as obsessively as I can bear.

Sorry, I've been away from the blog for a little while. Thank you for the good wishes, Eli.

Please be very careful with Atkins, especially if you can't see a doctor for blood work. It works, but you have to follow what they tell you to the letter. And make sure you're drinking lots of water. You're one up on me with the gym, and I should be there too.

Good wishes to you!

It's me...The Dark Queen. Can I have your Nutri Cheese Doodles please? Thanks for the talk tonight. Write a lot about me. It makes me feel good (uh no, I didn't mean that). I love you! - TheDarkQueen

I think I have four bags of 'em. Consider it my tribute.

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