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What's happened in the past week.
1) The Dark Queen and I have separated (neither was blameless nor was either to blame...and that's all I'll say about it).
2) I temporarily moved to my parents' house in Marlboro.
3) I almost immediately found full-time contract work in Camden.
4) I am looking for an apartment with a month-to-month lease closer to work and the daughters.
5) I rented a car and drove to Florida...to the Villages...to visit my father for the week leading up to my first day of work on October 1st.
6) I've begun losing weight again.

It's all been very intense, and I don't know what to make of it all. I've spent most of this time reflecting on everything. I miss better days with the Dark Queen, I miss Hammonasset, and I miss the routine I put together...though I know it had to end once I found full-time work. I'll have a long drive back to Jersey in a couple of days with still more reflection. Hopefully, my head will be clearer by then. It isn't now. But I'll be okay.


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