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Week 21: Current weight: 270. This week: -2lbs. Total weight lost: 45lbs. Lbs to goal: 90
The weight's an approximation. I'm in Florida, and the scale is different. A lot's happened since Yom Kippur that ultimately led me to Florida, where I'm staying for a week at my Dad's. I'll get more into what's been going on later.

Although I packed a week's worth of Nutrisystem food, I forgot it when I left for the Villages. It's OK, since my father's lifestyle is healthy and he encourages weight loss (more benignly than he used to...and much more effectively). It's a good place to be now, and I can only expect to have good numbers when I return to New Jersey.

I got a full-time gig in Camden and will start there October 1st. Again, I'll get more into everything going on later. As far as Nutrisystem is concerned, I'll be back on it when I get back and continue indefinitely. For now, it's emulating the diet more effectively than I did at boot camp.


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