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Yom Kippur
Today's Yom Kippur and I'm blogging. I'm UU and get to make up my own rules on this, but I do feel a little insincere being on line now. I had some thoughts I wanted to record and will keep this brief.

I'm fasting today and it doesn't feel as bad as it did last night when I was pretty darned hungry. But now I'm slightly distracted by it. Funny how fasting is easier than detox. With detox, I'm fixated on anything with white flour and sugar that I pass by. Now I just know I'm not eating and that's that. I'm not going to make it a way of life, but maybe I can manage detox better with a day of fasting.

In addition to blogging, I'll also be driving down to King of Prussia this afternoon. So that's another four hours. Then again, I'm usually reflective in the car when there's nothing on the radio and I'm out of podcasts. It'll be fine. Monkey has an extra-credit project involving her attendance at a Valley Forge star party. My ex would go, but she has no appreciation for this sort of thing, whereas I dream of such opportunities. It's too important to miss, so I go.

As for now, I'm going out to Hammonasset where I'll reflect, walk, and read the Bhagavad Gita. It's a UU thing.


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